Sugar tantrums

by ambermae

I read a blog post yesterday that gave me some insight into what is happening in my body now that I’ve (mostly) cut out sugar. I say (mostly) because I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve eaten sugar in the past 11 days, whereas before I probably would have been well into my second hand by the end of day 1.

Blog post: Give Your Sugar Tantrums a Time-Out

This is what a typical food day looks like for me right now:

9:30am – egg & veggie breakfast
noon – chicken & veggie lunch
3pm – snack, probably a quesadilla and carrot sticks
5:30pm – can’t wait until dinner, need food (might eat a pb sandwich plus more cold veggies)
8ish pm –  dinner with husband
10ish pm – might pop some popcorn

I feel kind of hungry after every meal. What I suspect is that I’m not eating quite enough at my major meals, but that also my brain is throwing a giant sugar tantrum for the entire day. I am trying to avoid giving it sugar, but I am resorting to some grains in the afternoon so that’s probably not helping.

The few times I’ve eaten sugar thus far have all been in social settings. I’m using the social setting as an excuse to indulge in something I really want instead of doing the right thing and turning it down. This giving up sugar thing is hard!

Still, I feel good that I’m successfully avoiding the zillions of small sugary things I used to grab for convenience all day. The increased veggies plan is going to take some work but I’m doing ok at that one, too.

I’ll talk a bit about meal planning tomorrow.