CSA veggies

by ambermae

CSA veggies

I enjoy shopping at our local farmer’s market in the summer which makes going back to the grocery store in the winter a bit tough. Fortunately, there is a local farmer who runs a winter CSA for folks like us who don’t mind a pile of greens. I’ll be posting photos of my veggie hauls each week with a menu.

This week we have white turnips with their greeens, a big sweet potato, red chard, green leaf lettuce, bok choy, purple kale, and arugula.


Saturday – steak, broccoli, mashed potatoes, arugula salad
Sunday – cranberry apple stuffed pork loin, green beans, kale
Monday – roast chicken with root veggies and turnip greens, leftover noodles
Tuesday – chicken salad sandwiches
Wednesday – out
Thursday –  sausages, cheese pierogies, chard (plus sauerkraut for husband)
Friday – salmon, baked sweet potatoes, bok choy

Lunches will be mostly this chicken and mushroom cauli-rice dish I found through Chowstalker. Breakfasts will be some variation on an egg and veggie and cheese frittata. Snacks will be leftover  pork and/or chicken and some raw veggies.

Tomorrow I’ll post my goal for next week. The last two are still going strong!