Veggies & menu week 3

by ambermae

CSA week 3

I’m calling this week 3 because it is the third Saturday in January. This week we got spinach, red leaf lettuce, tatsoi, cabbage, sweet potatoes and turnips. We also have quite a lot of leftovers from last week. I am still learning how to shop for this new way of eating.

The menu:

Saturday – pork chops, beans & rice, salad
Sunday – steak, sweet potatoes, spinach artichoke dip
Monday – ravioli w/meat sauce, salad
Tuesday – leftovers
Wednesday – out
Thursday – at a meeting
Friday – salmon, roasted turnips, sauteed cabbage

Breakfasts: huevos rancheros with peppers and tatsoi. Lunches: chicken, bok choy and zucchini hot plate (see the free download of the Well Fed cookbook).

Check back tomorrow for my next weekly challenge!