Week 4: One serious workout per week

by ambermae

First a recap:

Week 1 – No sugar
I’ve been doing fairly ok with this one. It’s still challenging to not resort to sugary breakfasts, snacks, or treats throughout the day. I’ve been giving myself permission to have a sugary dessert after dinner some nights.  I’ll need to cut sugar out completely in a couple of weeks, so these will go away.

Week 2 – Veggies at every meal
Most of the time I’m doing great with this one, but occasionally I have lunch or an afternoon snack in a hurry without taking the time to figure out a vegetable. The key to this one is preparation. If I set myself up well on the weekend then I’m much more successful during the week.

Week 3 – Walk every day
This went pretty well last week. I only missed one day due to rain. My hope was that I would get my walk in during the day, but it has happened late at night every time. Fortunately this means my husband (aka My Only Blog Reader) can join me, so that’s nice.

So what is week 4? This week I’ll ramp the activity level up a bit by adding in one intense workout per week. My original intention had been to do a workout from Bodyrock.tv, but there has been some kind of weird drama over there and the new workout leaders aren’t as awesome as Zuzana was. I may root through the archives, or I may follow along with her new project over on her Facebook page.

Why just one per week? Because I’m really out of shape and one should be enough for now. Also, because even though these workouts are around 15 minutes or less I still need a couple of hours to recover from them (read: nap). I don’t want to set unreasonable time expectations for myself. I’d like to set myself up for success.

So that’s this week! Wish me luck!