Week 5: Lean protein at every meal

by ambermae

My list of goals for this year originally had weeks 5 through 8 as maintenance weeks. The thought was that the first four goals were so different from what I had been doing before that I would need some time to get used to them before moving on to other things. Now that I’m in it, though, I realize that not having new goals these next few weeks will probably not help me. As a result, the next four goals are pretty basic.

This week I will focus on eating lean protein at every meal (for now I’ll make an exception for my mid-day snack). It is very easy to knock myself out of the more veggies rule when I can just toss a quick cheese sandwich together and call that lunch. By trying to get protein into each meal I will have to prepare better which will help reinforce the good dietary habits I’ve started already.

Update on previous goals:
1: No sugar – I’ve been enjoying a bit of homemade jam and some homemade chocolate syrup in my greek yogurt as a snack lately. It’s not nearly as much sugar as I used to eat in a day, so I’m letting it slide for now. Social eating is still an almost total failure.

2: Veggies with each meal – This one has been much more difficult to keep up with. When our menu for the week falls apart the veggies tend to disappear. This more than anything else requires good prepapration.

3: Walk every day – I’ve missed a few days with this but I know I can get back to it.

4: Intense workout once per week – Despite my weird knee setback I was still sore after my modified workout on Friday, so I know I can be creative and still see results. My challenge will be not procrastinating my opportunities away.