Workout #2

by ambermae

I left my intense workout for the week until Saturday again, which means that all of my updates for the week are going to happen today. Hopefully soon I’ll spread them out a little!

The verdict on my knees from my chiropractor was twofold: that I have a tight iliotibial band pulling my knees to the ouside, and internally rotated tibia pulling my knees to the inside. He recommended stretching and good arch support while exercising. I like to exercise barefoot, so today I used the arch support bands I got from my podiatrist and they seemed to work pretty well.

It was likely carelessness that caused my knee twinges today. I made it all the way to the second set of mountain climbers in this old Bodyrock workout before I felt anything negative and I was still able to finish out the set before calling it quits for the day. This workout lasted almost 4 times as long as last week’s, so I’m calling that a success.