New workout: Peak 8

by ambermae

I do quite a bit of research about health topics online, so I like to think that I know some stuff. Unfortunately, knowledge doesn’t always translate into action. So last week when my chiropractor asked me to check out his Advanced Exercise class (available on his web site) I imagined that I would pick up some new ideas and that would be about it.

I watched the video tonight and was surprised that it presents a quick and efficient, yet scalable, exercise plan. What’s more, I was actually inspired to try part of it tonight. I had planned to do this week’s stretching routine for the first time tonight, but I had a spare couple of hours and a vague desire to warm up my muscles first so I tried a quick Peak 8 workout first.

Peak 8 is basically just intervals, similar to Tabata training but with longer sprint and cool down sessions. I chose some simple exercises that I could do at home just to test my endurance level. I also didn’t want to get too far away from the house in case my knee decided to act up again.

It was great! I felt like I worked, but not so hard that it was discouraging. I know that if I stick with this I’ll see some improvement in my health and endurance.

What a smart chiropractor I have.