Veggies and menu week #6

by ambermae

Oops, I forgot to take a picture of this week’s veggie haul. We picked up a small cabbage, a one pound sweet potato, a head of red leaf lettuce, some purple kale, and a bag of spinach.

Sadly, all of last week’s veggies are still in the fridge. More about that in the next post.

This week’s menu:

Saturday – out
Sunday – out for brother in law’s birthday
Monday –  sausage, cabbage, and rolls (same as last week)
Tuesday – husband is cooking tonight
Wednesday –  blueberry balsamic pot roast (in the crock pot) w/mashed sweet potatoes
Thursday –  pork chops, greens of some kind, maybe some rice (I was feeling very uninspired about this dinner)
Friday –  cilantro lime shrimp, greens, rice (again, uninspired)

Breakfasts will be mostly spinach and crab omelets. Lunches will be salad with pan fried salmon and also some butternut squash soup.