Week #7: Drink more water

by ambermae

First, a recap of this week: I have good news and bad news. The good news is that I rocked out my exercise goals. I did an intense workout earlier in the week, I walked almost every day with a 4 mile walk yesterday afternoon (my longest yet), and I stretched at least three times this week. The bad news is that I ignored every single one of my food goals. I can count on one hand the number of vegetables I had. I think I had the same number of milkshakes this week, actually.

So this is a new week. I’m recommitting to all of my goals:

1: No sugar
2: Veggies at every meal
3: Walk every day
4: Intense workout once per week
5: Lean protein at every meal
6: Stretch at least 3 times per week

And now 7: drink at least 4 pint glasses of water per day. Water is my beverage of choice and it is the only thing I drink most of the time, but I’ve noticed that my intake has really gone down since I left my desk job. I’m home all day now, so you would think that drinking water would be easier. I’m going to make a point of drinking at least 4 glasses during the day before dinner.

This is also the last week I’ll be eating red meat until Easter, but that’s a topic for a later post.