Veggies and menu week #7

by ambermae

After last night’s post about my fridge I reorganized the whole thing and moved my veggies to the top shelf. Today I was so excited to put away my veggies (I have never said that before) that I forgot to take a photo. So here is my fridge:

My fridge week 6

Farmer Tom’s produce this week was the most beautiful I’ve seen. We got red leaf lettuce, purple kale, red chard, red and golden beets with giant greens, kohlrabi with equally giant greens, and sweet potatoes. You can see that we are still growing some green onions in the refrigerator from a previous week’s haul.

Hopefully this new layout will help the veggies get eaten!

Saturday – beef taco skillet (I used crushed tomatoes instead of tomato soup)
Sunday –  swedish meatballs w/lingonberry jam, beets & greens
Monday –  roast chicken, sweet potatoes, jicama & greens
Tuesday –  out
Wednesday – out or leftovers
Thursday –  pecan crusted tilapia, green beans, salad
Friday – cilantro lime shrimp, kale, coconut rice (from here)

I’m going to try this pina colada green smoothie for breakfast with chard instead of spinach. Lunches will be mostly chicken quesadillas except tomorrow, which will be blueberry balsamic pot roast (I left out the mushrooms) at a potluck.