Week #8: Posture

by ambermae

Last week was a total failure. I had loads of sugar, almost no vegetables, little water, and no stretching or exercise. Then my cat died after a longish illness and I realized I’d been terribly stressed for weeks. Today I gave myself a chance to get back on the wagon and it worked pretty well.

Shall we recap?

1. No sugar
2. Veggies at every meal
3. Walk every day
4. One intense workout per week
5. Lean protein at every meal
6. Stretch every day
7. Drink more water

Now it is week 8, the last week before a major dietary change, and I’m going to focus on two things: standing and posture. It is true that I no longer have a desk job, but I still sit more during the day than is good for me.  I’m going to be more mindful of times when I can stand.

While I’m standing I’m going to focus on my posture. I have been regularly seeing a chiropractor for an embarrassingly long time, and though I have improved I’m sure I haven’t done as well as I could have if I’d taken more of a lead in my own wellness. I was having some pretty bad lower back pain when standing for any length of time. Then I found this Authors @ Google talk by Esther Gokhale and she changed my whole approach to my posture. Now I am more aware of the things that I’m doing that exacerbate the problem, and I feel more empowered to make good changes.

Now it is time for a walk!