2012 Week by Week

Month: March, 2012

The down side

One unfortunate result of going to bed earlier is waking up while it is still dark on days that I had hoped to sleep in. Maybe one day I’ll enjoy this time, but for now I just wonder how long it will be before I can go back to sleep.


Week #13: Go to bed earlier

On a normal night I head to bed around midnight, but one night a couple of weeks ago I was so tired that I fell asleep around 10:30 and had more energy than ever the next day. Since then I have been trying to be asleep by 11. Obviously I am failing at that tonight. This week I am going to make more of an effort to shift my sleep schedule earlier.

Menu week #13

We were too lazy to go to the market this morning so I have no local veggies to report.

Here is this week’s menu:
Saturday – leftover curry chicken
Sunday –  pumpkin & cocoa chili w/chard
Monday –  rosemary shrimp, mashed sweet potatoes, kale (maybe baked)
Tuesday –  bringing beet salad and fudge bombs to a potluck
Wednesday –  out
Thursday –  chicken fajita salad
Friday –  chard & artichoke baked fish, roasted carrots, green beans (still haven’t made this)

Breakfasts will be mostly yogurt & fruit. Lunches will be mostly salad and rotisserie chicken.

A solution for the biking problem

I have two major challenges when it comes to biking during the week:
1. I have kids in my house from 8:30 am to 7 pm and can’t leave them to go for a bike ride.
2. The area around my house is too hilly for this out of shape biker to just pop out for a quick ride. Flatter rides are within a short drive but that adds to the time needed.

Today I came up with a temporary solution – I set up the stationary trainer in my living room and got a good 20 minutes in before baby naptime was over. It worked great! I’d prefer to ride outside, but until I figure out the logistics I’m happy to have an indoor option.

Week #12: Swim or Bike

I almost hesitate to post this goal today. When I drew up my initial list I was optimistic that each week would build on each other so that by now I would have a good routine going on. What has actually happened is that I have totally fallen off of the fitness portion of this blog wagon, so adding swimming or biking to my week feels kind of impossible.

Then again, it took a big push on the diet side to get the food dialed in. Right now the water, veggies, lean protein, and even low carb stuff is almost second nature. I am kind of amazed by that when I stop to think about it.

So I’m going to go ahead and recommit to my fitness goals. So far those are:

3: Walk every day
4: One serious workout per week
6: Stretch every day
10: Lift heavy things once per week

and now 12: Swim or bike once per week

So to get me started I took a few minutes to do some bodyweight exercises according to the primal blueprint fitness plan. Mark Sisson has a great progression toward what he calls the four essential movements. I won’t give it away. Get a copy of the ebook here.

Week #12 veggies and menu

We stopped by the farmer’s market again this morning on our way somewhere else, and by the time we got home we were so hungry I didn’t take a photo. We got: romaine lettuce, 2 tomatoes, chard, and spinach. We ate a lot of it for dinner.

This week’s menu:
Saturday – salad
Sunday – chicken soup
Monday –  curried chicken & butternut squash w/kale (still haven’t made this)
Tuesday –  Japanese style popcorn shrimp, beets & greens (substituting the Kikkoman spice mix with something simpler)
Wednesday – out
Thursday –  eggs, turkey bacon, spinach, sweet potato fries
Friday –  chard & artichoke baked fish, roasted carrots, green beans

Breakfasts are mostly yogurt and berries. Lunches are mostly leftover soup and salads.

Week #11: Get outside

This week I’m going to make more of an effort to get outside every day. It doesn’t hurt that the weather here is supposed to be beautiful!


I work in childcare and it can be a challenge to get outside with both kids. However, the benefits to both them and me are so great that I really need to try harder. Even if we’re just hanging out in the grass.

Menu week #10 (or is that #11?)

I’m confusing myself with my week numbers. From now on the menu post will reflect the week number for the upcoming week instead of which Saturday in the year it is. Whew.

The menu for this coming week:
Saturday – out
Sunday – stewed chicken, beets & greens
Monday –  stuffed tomatoes w/crab, oak leaf lettuce & watercress salad, fried quail eggs
Tuesday –  chicken soup with kale
Wednesday – cabbage soup at a potluck
Thursday –  curried chicken & butternut squash w/kale
Friday –  chard and artichoke baked fish, sweet potatoes

Breakfasts will be mostly greek yogurt & berries. Lunches will be mostly salads, turkey & cheese rollups and ginger carrots.

Veggies week #10

Veggies week #10

Our CSA might be over, but we still need vegetables. So this morning we went out to a farmers market a few miles away that stays open all winter. Our area has tons of markets but most of them close from November to April. The big state farmers market near us is open all year but their focus isn’t on organic food, so I tend not to go there.

Honestly, I wasn’t expecting much from the market we visited today. I thought there might just be a couple of vendors with some greens. I was surprised! There were over a dozen vendors selling all kinds of interesting stuff. I might have to make that market a regular stop.

The haul: kale (a pound), oak leaf lettuce, white turnips with greens, hothouse tomatoes, a cucumber, watercress, lacto-fermented ginger carrots, a stewing chicken, and chicken livers.

I’ll post a menu when I get a chance to make one. Today was just too busy!

Week #10: Lift heavy things

I am late posting my goal this week, but it is not too late to start it. The goal: lift heavy things once per week. This brings my exercise goals to a walk every day, an intense workout (intervals, most often) once per week, and now lifting heavy things once per week. I am slowly working my way toward a diverse weekly exercise plan, but I’m taking it slow to get my nutrition dialed in.

How is that going? Not too badly. The low carbing thing is going well, though I miss crunchy food. Water consumption is good. I’m eating lots of veggies and some lean meat. Exercise has totally gone out the window the past week and a half, but I’m committed to getting back on track.

Part of me is a little unsure of how exactly I am going to do the lift heavy things goal. I have one 35 pound kettlebell at my house, but that is the only weight. I no longer have a gym membership. What I do have is lots of my own bodyweight to throw around, so I may start there.

I have lifted weights in the past and really enjoyed it, so I’m looking forward to getting started again.