Veggies and menu week #9

by ambermae

Veggies week #9

You’re looking at the last week of our winter CSA veggies. I always feel a bit like an alien in the produce aisle of the grocery store during the weeks between when our CSA ends and the farmer’s markets begin. Nothing quite compares to fresh, local, organic vegetables.

The haul: sweet potatoes, beets and greens, green onions, cabbage, red chard, romaine lettuce, and kale.

Saturday – out
Sunday – roast chicken, beets & greens
Monday – shrimp with jalapeno cream sauce, roasted carrots, cabbage salad
Tuesday – shredded chicken tacos/taco salad
Wednesday – out
Thursday – curried chicken & butternut squash with kale
Friday – pumpkin seed crusted tilapia, chard, green beans

I’m going to try a quick egg drop soup with our homemade chicken stock for breakfasts this week. Lunches will be mostly salad with chicken and tzatziki sauce, same as last week.