Week #10: Lift heavy things

by ambermae

I am late posting my goal this week, but it is not too late to start it. The goal: lift heavy things once per week. This brings my exercise goals to a walk every day, an intense workout (intervals, most often) once per week, and now lifting heavy things once per week. I am slowly working my way toward a diverse weekly exercise plan, but I’m taking it slow to get my nutrition dialed in.

How is that going? Not too badly. The low carbing thing is going well, though I miss crunchy food. Water consumption is good. I’m eating lots of veggies and some lean meat. Exercise has totally gone out the window the past week and a half, but I’m committed to getting back on track.

Part of me is a little unsure of how exactly I am going to do the lift heavy things goal. I have one 35 pound kettlebell at my house, but that is the only weight. I no longer have a gym membership. What I do have is lots of my own bodyweight to throw around, so I may start there.

I have lifted weights in the past and really enjoyed it, so I’m looking forward to getting started again.