Veggies week #10

by ambermae

Veggies week #10

Our CSA might be over, but we still need vegetables. So this morning we went out to a farmers market a few miles away that stays open all winter. Our area has tons of markets but most of them close from November to April. The big state farmers market near us is open all year but their focus isn’t on organic food, so I tend not to go there.

Honestly, I wasn’t expecting much from the market we visited today. I thought there might just be a couple of vendors with some greens. I was surprised! There were over a dozen vendors selling all kinds of interesting stuff. I might have to make that market a regular stop.

The haul: kale (a pound), oak leaf lettuce, white turnips with greens, hothouse tomatoes, a cucumber, watercress, lacto-fermented ginger carrots, a stewing chicken, and chicken livers.

I’ll post a menu when I get a chance to make one. Today was just too busy!