Week #12: Swim or Bike

by ambermae

I almost hesitate to post this goal today. When I drew up my initial list I was optimistic that each week would build on each other so that by now I would have a good routine going on. What has actually happened is that I have totally fallen off of the fitness portion of this blog wagon, so adding swimming or biking to my week feels kind of impossible.

Then again, it took a big push on the diet side to get the food dialed in. Right now the water, veggies, lean protein, and even low carb stuff is almost second nature. I am kind of amazed by that when I stop to think about it.

So I’m going to go ahead and recommit to my fitness goals. So far those are:

3: Walk every day
4: One serious workout per week
6: Stretch every day
10: Lift heavy things once per week

and now 12: Swim or bike once per week

So to get me started I took a few minutes to do some bodyweight exercises according to the primal blueprint fitness plan. Mark Sisson has a great progression toward what he calls the four essential movements. I won’t give it away. Get a copy of the ebook here.