2012 Week by Week

Month: April, 2012

Week #18: Walking?

It would be an understatement to say that I fell off of the exercise wagon a few weeks ago. It is my best intention to get started again, but right now I’m messing with my body with this Whole 30 and my energy levels are inconsistent. I’m also working hard in the evenings to prepare for my first craft fair on Saturday. (If you’re local please come!)

All of those things sound like excuses, but I am serious about getting back to it. I can envision a better future for my body and I want to get started. I went for a 1.5 mile walk today pushing a double stroller, so that has to count for something.


Whole 30 – Day 8

It’s day 8 of the Whole 30 and I’m feeling kind of crummy. I mostly feel full all the time unless I’m feeling nauseated. I hope that this will pass.

Nevertheless, the food show must go on. Here is what I ate today:


Day 8 breakfast

I’m pretty proud of my scotch quail eggs. Aren’t they cute? They were also really yummy. I ate them with sliced cucumbers.


Day 8 lunch

It doesn’t look like much in the photo, but this is a taco salad with shredded lettuce, salsa, guacamole, cilantro, and stovetop pork carnitas from Mel at The Clothes Make The Girl. This was an awesome way to cook pork and I will definitely do it again!

What you can’t see in this photo is that I ate lunch at 4pm because I was feeling so full. In fact, I wasn’t sure I wanted to eat dinner at all. I figured I should at least eat something, so then came…


Day 8 dinner

I was sure I’d only eat the strawberries. Then I made the salad (with romaine, arugula, and a mixed green salad with flowers from a local farm) and it tasted amazing so I polished that off. Then the bacon was too tempting so I ate half.

Food is pretty great.

Whole 30 – Day 7

Sundays are strange food days. Lunch is usually a rush between church and another obligation, and we end up eating dinner pretty early.


Day 7 lunch

Chicken. That’s it.


Day 7 dinner

Local pastured polish sausage with cabbage, onions, and yellow peppers.

Lunches are all prepped for week 2 of the Whole 30. Here’s to hoping I start to feel better than I have been the past few days.

Whole 30 – Day 6

It’s our first Saturday of the Whole 30 and I can’t say that it went perfectly. We typically try to eat breakfast out together somewhere on Saturdays, but there are no good options for us now. I also had two things I needed to get done before I could eat this morning (including buying groceries) so we didn’t eat until noon. I was ravenous.

On the upside, I found Whole 30 legal bacon at the farmer’s market this morning so brunch looked like this:

Day 6 brunch

Bacon(!), scrambled eggs and tomato, and strawberries.


Day 6 dinner

For dinner we cleared out the end of our beef stew from lunch and the end of the beet salad. I bought a rotisserie chicken so we could eat quickly after our evening obligations. A salad rounded out the meal.

I’ve been feeling really hungry lately. Hopefully my meals in the coming week will be bigger.

Veggies and menu week #18

Last weekend was the opening weekend of my favorite farmer’s market in town, but I missed it because I was busy doing something I can’t remember now. I did make it out there this morning, though, and here is what I got:

week 18 veggies

In front, the meats (all Whole 30 legal): catfish, salami, bacon(!), polish sausage. The veg: salad with flowers, mixed bag of greens (kale, chard, spinach, arugula), beets with greens, “amish deer” lettuce, basil plant. Misc: eggs

I was bummed that I couldn’t cross many items off of my grocery list after this haul, but it’s all such great stuff that I’ll get over it.

This week’s menu:

Saturday – roast chicken, leftover beef stew, leftover beets, salad
Sunday – polish sausage, cabbage & onions, beets
Monday – chicken piccata (link goes to a friend’s Facebook page, sorry if you can’t see it)
Tuesday – steak, peppers, sweet potato
Wednesday – chicken kebabs
Thursday – frittata with sausage, onions, sweet potato
Friday – salmon, roasted butternut squash, greens

Breakfasts will be mostly scotch quail eggs. Lunches will be taco salads made with pork carnitas.

Whole 30 – Day 5

It’s day 5! I have a sneaking suspicion that I am not eating nearly enough calories in a day, so I’m going to try to bump up portion sizes and fat content next week. It’s not as easy as it sounds (more fat! yeah!) without something bready to spread it on. I may need to get creative.


Day 5 breakfast

Leftover chicken and roasted broccoli. Soon after I took this photo the termite inspector showed up, so I had to eat in shifts.


Day 5 lunch

My husband’s lunch out with co workers fell through and he hadn’t brought anything to work to eat, so he came home and we had our planned dinner for lunch — pan fried flounder with swiss chard and a quick beet salad.


Day 5 dinner

Leftover beef stew straight from the tupperware. This was a quick dinner between work and evening plans.

I’m trying to put together a menu for the week right now but it’s not going so smoothly. Shopping for the Whole 30 is kind of at odds with my formerly frugal(ish) ways.

Whole 30 – Day 4


Day 4 breakfast

Today was the last day of my chorizo, peppers, and egg scramble. It was yummy, but I’m ready to move on.


Day 4 lunch

More beef stew. It was such a grey and lazy day that I couldn’t even be bothered to move it out of the tupperware first.

Dinner was split into three parts today.

Dinner part 1:

Day 4 dinner part 1

I fortified myself with some emergency protein in the form of this meaty tomato sauce and a handful of almonds before heading to a baby shower. I guessed they wouldn’t have much for me to eat there, and I was right.

Dinner part 2:

Day 4 dinner part 2

This was all I could eat at the baby shower.

Dinner part 3:

Day 4 dinner part 3

When I got home I grilled up a couple of quick chicken breasts and made salads for me and my husband. We had more strawberries on the side. We are going to eat them constantly until strawberry season is over.

Whole 30 – Day 3

My husband and I both successfully navigated the world of eating out for lunch today. Go us!


Day 3 breakfast

Same old leftover egg scramble. I’m starting to get bored with it. Good thing I only have enough left for one more day.

Lunch was split into two parts. Lunch part 1:

Day 3 lunch part 1

A beef kebab, fruit salad, and fattoush from Neomonde. I just learned from that Wikipedia link that fattoush is supposed to be made with bread, but this salad wasn’t. Is it misnamed?

(My husband had pulled pork bbq, slaw, collards, and pork rinds.)

Because my lunch was kind of small I supplemented with lunch #2:

Day 3 lunch part 2

A little back story: last night before I went out at my book group meeting I prepared a simple dinner for my husband to eat when he got home from work. I figure if he’s being forbearing enough to do this crazy food thing with me then the least I could do is set him up for success on day 2. I baked a sweet potato and prepared a simple meat sauce with ground beef, a jar of pasta sauce, and some added herbs and spices. It looked so yummy when I got home last night that I whipped up another batch of the sauce and ate it for second lunch today.

In the afternoon I snacked on some almonds.


Day 3 dinner

I was a few bites into this one before I remembered to take a picture. We had pork chops, sauteed onions, kale, and roasted broccoli (which I slathered in ghee). Then we split an orange. Many thanks to my husband for cooking so I could crash after work!

Whole 30 – Day 2

Today I was a lot more hungry than I was yesterday. My body also chose today to drop some of the water I accumulated during celebration week, so that was fun (tmi?).

What I ate:

Day 1 breakfast

Sorry, I forgot to take a photo so you get the same photo as yesterday. It was the same food except today I had to share some with an 8 month old who seems to like chorizo.

Lunch day 2

Lunch was beef stew and strawberries. I was a bit hungry after lunch so I snacked on some almonds. Incidentally, I also snacked on some after dinner last night.

Dinner was split into two parts because I had a book club meeting. I brought a bowl of sirloin strips in case there was nothing else I could eat there. Turns out that was a smart move.

Dinner #1:

Dinner part 1 day 2

Note the nebulously legal sweet potato chips.

Dinner #2:

Dinner part 2 day 2

The end of the steak strips on some salad with more strawberries. Much better.

Whole 30 – Day 1

As much as I enjoy food I have never been someone who takes photos of her meals. However, I find the photos of other bloggers who do so during their Whole 30s to be really helpful so I’m going to give it a try. Maybe my pictures will help someone else (or myself) in the future.

What I ate on day 1 of my Whole 30:

Day 1 breakfast

Breakfast was a quick chorizo and red and yellow pepper scramble with some leftover egg whites and a couple of eggs. I saved the rest to eat for the remainder of the week.

Day 1 lunch

I made an overnight beef stew for our lunches this week. It has chuck roast, turnips, carrots, onion, garlic, plum tomatoes, and tatsoi and it’s really good.

Day 1 dinner

Dinner was pretty yummy, but I forgot to photograph it until I was almost done. Imagine a big dinner plate heaped with salad greens with a quick balsamic vinaigrette, sliced strawberries, and grilled chicken.

That’s it! Aside from being too busy to eat dinner until 10:30 pm day 1 went just fine.