Whole 30 – Day 2

by ambermae

Today I was a lot more hungry than I was yesterday. My body also chose today to drop some of the water I accumulated during celebration week, so that was fun (tmi?).

What I ate:

Day 1 breakfast

Sorry, I forgot to take a photo so you get the same photo as yesterday. It was the same food except today I had to share some with an 8 month old who seems to like chorizo.

Lunch day 2

Lunch was beef stew and strawberries. I was a bit hungry after lunch so I snacked on some almonds. Incidentally, I also snacked on some after dinner last night.

Dinner was split into two parts because I had a book club meeting. I brought a bowl of sirloin strips in case there was nothing else I could eat there. Turns out that was a smart move.

Dinner #1:

Dinner part 1 day 2

Note the nebulously legal sweet potato chips.

Dinner #2:

Dinner part 2 day 2

The end of the steak strips on some salad with more strawberries. Much better.