Whole 30 – Day 4

by ambermae


Day 4 breakfast

Today was the last day of my chorizo, peppers, and egg scramble. It was yummy, but I’m ready to move on.


Day 4 lunch

More beef stew. It was such a grey and lazy day that I couldn’t even be bothered to move it out of the tupperware first.

Dinner was split into three parts today.

Dinner part 1:

Day 4 dinner part 1

I fortified myself with some emergency protein in the form of this meaty tomato sauce and a handful of almonds before heading to a baby shower. I guessed they wouldn’t have much for me to eat there, and I was right.

Dinner part 2:

Day 4 dinner part 2

This was all I could eat at the baby shower.

Dinner part 3:

Day 4 dinner part 3

When I got home I grilled up a couple of quick chicken breasts and made salads for me and my husband. We had more strawberries on the side. We are going to eat them constantly until strawberry season is over.