Whole 30 – Day 5

by ambermae

It’s day 5! I have a sneaking suspicion that I am not eating nearly enough calories in a day, so I’m going to try to bump up portion sizes and fat content next week. It’s not as easy as it sounds (more fat! yeah!) without something bready to spread it on. I may need to get creative.


Day 5 breakfast

Leftover chicken and roasted broccoli. Soon after I took this photo the termite inspector showed up, so I had to eat in shifts.


Day 5 lunch

My husband’s lunch out with co workers fell through and he hadn’t brought anything to work to eat, so he came home and we had our planned dinner for lunch — pan fried flounder with swiss chard and a quick beet salad.


Day 5 dinner

Leftover beef stew straight from the tupperware. This was a quick dinner between work and evening plans.

I’m trying to put together a menu for the week right now but it’s not going so smoothly. Shopping for the Whole 30 is kind of at odds with my formerly frugal(ish) ways.