Whole 30 – Day 6

by ambermae

It’s our first Saturday of the Whole 30 and I can’t say that it went perfectly. We typically try to eat breakfast out together somewhere on Saturdays, but there are no good options for us now. I also had two things I needed to get done before I could eat this morning (including buying groceries) so we didn’t eat until noon. I was ravenous.

On the upside, I found Whole 30 legal bacon at the farmer’s market this morning so brunch looked like this:

Day 6 brunch

Bacon(!), scrambled eggs and tomato, and strawberries.


Day 6 dinner

For dinner we cleared out the end of our beef stew from lunch and the end of the beet salad. I bought a rotisserie chicken so we could eat quickly after our evening obligations. A salad rounded out the meal.

I’ve been feeling really hungry lately. Hopefully my meals in the coming week will be bigger.