Whole 30 – Day 9

by ambermae

Meal names have become an approximation around here. For example, today I ate breakfast at noon because I just wasn’t hungry before that. Lunch was also a misnomer, but oh was dinner delicious!


Day 9 breakfast

Scotch quail eggs and cucumber sticks.

If you’ve been reading so far then you know that for the past couple of days I haven’t been that excited about eating. I felt full and a bit queasy all the time and only ate out of obligation. Today, with lunch happening at noon, I wasn’t sure I was going to need any kind of afternoon meal. I was a little bit afraid that I wouldn’t be able to eat the awesome dinner I had planned (and which my husband was looking forward to).

Despite how crummy I’ve felt I have been constantly appreciative of the fact that I’m not afraid of being hungry all the time. I used to never leave the house without a meal beforehand and maybe a snack (or some cash for a drive through window) because the low blood sugar crazies could strike at any moment. Today I took the kids to the park in the afternoon with nothing but a couple of water bottles. I wasn’t sure if I’d need the apple, but lo and behold! I started feeling hungry around 5pm. We headed home and I had this for “lunch”:


Day 9 lunch

An apple. I was still a bit afraid of feeling full so I decided not to risk a whole meal. It was just right.

The best part is that by dinnertime I was absolutely ravenous (almost low blood sugary, though, which I blame on the apple) and got to enjoy dinner with my husband.


Day 9 dinner

Giant strip steak, world’s smallest sweet potato with delicious homemade ghee, awesome local mixed green salad. It was all amazing. Taking that first bite of steak was almost transcendent. I left a little bit for tomorrow.

Have I turned a corner, or will that giant dinner return to haunt me? Stay tuned.