Whole 30 – Day 10

by ambermae

Wednesdays are days of much running around and eating on the go, and today was no exception. I had planned some portable chicken kabobs for dinner but the day didn’t quite work out that way. Here is what I ate:


Day 10 breakfast

I was in a hurry to get out the door so I just finished my steak from last night cold right out of the tupperware. I forgot to take a photo of the apple and cup of coffee I had at Panera later in the morning.


Day 10 lunch

I was struggling a bit with the full feeling again this afternoon, but I decided to eat another taco salad with pork carnitas anyway. It really doesn’t photograph well.


Day 10 dinner

My husband and I have been spending some evenings at TechShop lately trying to prepare for this weekend’s craft fair. I had fully intended to bring dinner with us, but an unfortunate bodily fluids incident at work today (not mine) broke my afternoon. Instead I picked up a couple of salads from Chipotle on my way up there and we both feasted on almost totally legal yumminess (I hear they cook their meat in soybean oil, but I haven’t verified it) while we worked on our things.

Now it is late and I need some sleep. I can’t cross stitch any longer.