Whole 30 – Day 12

by ambermae

Fridays are my hardest work day. I love what I do but by Friday I’m just tired and ready for the weekend. Today I had the added bonus of needing to wrap up a bunch of loose ends before tomorrow’s craft fair, so I didn’t give myself a lot of down time. As a result I skipped breakfast which made lunch taste all that much better.


Day 12 lunch

Pork carnitas on taco salad. Yum yum.


Day 12 dinner

We were invited to a wedding tonight but since we didn’t know what kind of food they’d offer we decided to eat before we went. I made salmon with roasted beets and onions. It was tasty!

Fortunately we didn’t eat too much because the wedding was catered by the same bbq place that my husband successfully ate lunch at last week.

Dinner part 2:

Day 12 dinner part 2

I had a mound of pulled pork bbq. My husband cheated and had a beer, but since he hasn’t formally committed to the Whole 30 I guess it’s not cheating?

Tomorrow is craft fair day! I hope people come.