Whole 30 – Day 13

by ambermae

Today was craft fair day! It was great fun. I wished I could have bought some of the delicious things from the bake sale table. Maybe next year.


I only got about 6 hours of sleep last night before I had to set up at the craft fair. Before the doors opened I was getting really dizzy. Fortunately I had brought my scotch eggs with me and they helped stave off the vertigo. I forgot to photograph them, though.


Day 13 lunch part 1

I bought this yummy salad and apple at the craft fair and ate it at my table. It was supposed to have a poppy seed dressing, but I asked to leave it off. The salad was loaded with chicken, strawberries, and pecans and suited me just fine.

After the craft fair my husband and I were hungry again so we raided the fridge for leftovers.

Day 12 lunch

I got the last taco salad with pork carnitas, but forgot to photograph it so you get yesterday’s picture.

After our crazy morning we treated ourselves to a matinee of the Avengers and had some iced coffee while we waited for the show to start.

Day 13 snack


Day 13 dinner

My husband made dinner while I napped on the couch. We had sausages, eggs, beet greens and onions. Yum!