Whole 30 – Day 15

by ambermae

We’re halfway done with the Whole 30! I feel great and my body is obviously responding well to these dietary changes, but I am grateful for the time left because there are still some things I need to learn. For example, I need to figure out how to get my grocery spending down to a manageable level. This week was better than last week but I need more time to get it right. I also need to wrap my brain around what our meals will look like when we’re done. They can’t go back to the way they were, but they also can’t stay here or my husband might mutiny.

Lots to think about!


Day 15 breakfast

This morning I tried a new coconut flour pancake recipe. It turned out poorly. I realized after I made it that I got the proportions all wrong, so I’ll try again tomorrow. I also realized after I made it that this sort of thing, though technically legal, is prohibited according to the official Whole 30 rules. I understand why they did so, but I think I’ll still eat them for breakfast this week. I didn’t plan them because I had a need for a carb replacement, I planned them because I needed something new to do with eggs. I wouldn’t even eat regular pancakes for breakfast on a normal morning.

Oh, and another thing I learned this morning is that my delicious Penzeys vanilla has sugar in it. Darn it.

Despite all of this wordiness, I didn’t even finish the pancake at breakfast time.


Day 15 lunch

I instead ate it with my meatloaf at lunch. I am not a giant fan of meatloaf, but this veggie-filled version is pretty great. It smells like my lasagna.


Day 15 dinner

Dinner was chicken with bruschetta topping. It would have been better if the tomatoes and cucumber had been in season, but it was still a nice refreshing meal.