Whole 30 – Day 16

by ambermae

Welcome to the first day of the rest of my Whole 30. Last night I celebrated the halfway point with a bowl of warm pineapple cubes topped with homemade coconut butter. It was tasty! Maybe too tasty. All day I wanted more treats, and you’ll see what happened next.


Day 16 breakfast

I tried another coconut pancake for breakfast this morning. This one was mostly egg and turned out better than yesterday, but it was pretty boring to eat alone. I don’t think this will be a staple food for me, but it’s a nice option.


Day 16 lunch

Lunch was more delicious meatloaf and some of last night’s leftover bruschetta topping.

After lunch I was feeling snacky so I had an apple. Unfortunately I also needed to run to the grocery store to get the meat for tonight’s dinner (forgot to pick it up on the weekend) and in my snacky state I bought a couple of things I probably shouldn’t have.


Day 16 snack

This is a Larabar. They are technically legal according to the Whole 30 as ingredients go, but as far as my body was concerned I may as well have been eating a Snickers bar. In fact, I ate both bars that I bought and then had a sugar crash nap. I won’t try that again. Larabars might be a good option if I need to share snacks with vegans, like during Lent, but I might try to make my own next time.


Day 16 dinner

After a day of nutritional quasi offroading I needed a hearty dinner. This chocolate chili by Mel at The Clothes Make The Girl was just what I needed (also: more chocolate). I used grass fed beef and served it in half of a roasted acorn squash. This is my favorite way to serve both chili and squash.

Plus, there is enough left over to put on top of my coconut pancake tomorrow!

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