Whole 30 – Day 18

by ambermae

Today was a tough day. It was a hungry day. I came the closest to pulling through a drive through window today than any other day in the Whole 30. I persevered by my wits and random leftovers. Here is how my day went:


Day 18 breakfast

My day started innocently enough with a bowl of chili for breakfast. The fact that there was a baby screaming at me the whole time I was eating probably didn’t help start my day off right.


Day 18 lunch

Meatloaf and bruschetta topping for lunch with, you guessed it, a crying baby nearby. I fed him bits of tomato to keep him relatively quiet.

During the course of the afternoon I ate two more bowls of chili and a handful of nuts. I was still pretty famished by dinner time, which may explain why my dinner was so huge.


Day 18 dinner

My husband ate lunch at a local bbq place again today and I asked him to bring home some pulled pork. I made up a big skillet of cabbage, peppers, and apples and served it all with half of the biggest sweet potato you’ve ever seen (aka something to put ghee on).

Now I’m stuffed and I’ve got some leftover sweet potato for tomorrow. No drive through window required.