Whole 30 – Day 19

by ambermae

Today was the first time that I had to turn down a friend’s hospitality during a visit. That was kind of awful, but we talked about the Whole 30 for a bit and she was kind about it. She did end up giving me lunch, but it happened in a totally different way. Read on for the story.


Day 19 breakfast

This is the end of my chocolate chili over the remainder of last night’s giant sweet potato. I’m going to miss this chili now that it is gone.


Day 19 lunch

So the friend I was visiting had planned to make homemade pizzas for both of us but I turned them down. Instead she gave me a couple of extra tickets to a local church’s bbq fundraiser from a set that a neighbor had given to her. The church ended up being on my way home, so I drove through and picked up a couple of trays. I ate everything you see above except the potatoes. I gave the rolls (not pictured) to the babies and put the chocolate chip cookies (also not pictured) in the freezer. Yay free lunch!


Day 19 dinner

Dinner was buttery catfish in a creamy shallot sauce  made with some local catfish I picked up at the market two weekends ago accompanied by roasted broccoli. A tasty dinner, but not very filling.

After dinner we met some friends for coffee. It was a good social day.