Whole 30 – Day 20

by ambermae

We had a very busy Saturday starting with a trip to the farmer’s market and ending with a visit to the hospital to hold a friend’s new baby. Unfortunately for me today was another hungry day. This is making meal planning for the week very difficult!


Day 20 breakfast

After our trip to the farmer’s market we wandered around the shopping center until we found a place to eat brunch. We both got omelets. Mine had tomatoes and ham and came with a side of fruit.

After our brunch we stopped in at a new store called the Midtown Olive Press and sampled some olives oils and infused vinegars.


Day 20 lunch

It was fridge cleanout day at lunchtime. My husband got the other bbq tray (like the one I ate yesterday) and I got the last tiny piece of meatloaf and some unsatisfying bruschetta topping. It certainly wasn’t enough lunch, which led to…


Day 20 snack

I grilled up a whole chicken breast for a quick snack before my evening plans. Before I left I threw some pork chops in a marinade so I could make dinner when I got home.


Day 20 dinner

This ranks among one of the best dinners I have ever made. The pork chops were marinated in a souvlaki inspired blend and cooked in the grill pan. I boiled the green beans in the end of a can of coconut milk until the sauce thickened, then added a little bit of curry powder for flavor. The salad is the tops of our red romaine lettuce with olive oil and fig vinegar, topped with sliced fresh strawberries. It tasted like candy. We ate outside and enjoyed the end of the day.

Despite all of that I am still ravenously hungry.