Whole 30 – Day 22

by ambermae

A reader told me that I haven’t linked to information about the Whole 30 in a while, so I decided to rectify that today. Read all about it here: The Whole 30 Program.


Day 22 breakfast

I cooked so much last night that I decided to put off breakfast prep until later, and then this morning I didn’t leave enough time to cook. Instead I ate a few slices of herbed turkey and apple. They didn’t really go together, but they did the trick.


Day 22 snack

Today I hosted a short meeting at my house and didn’t really consider that I might want to provide snacks until the last minute. So last night I whipped up a very small pan of Sugar Free Chocolate Fudge. It is made from just coconut butter, banana, and cocoa powder. I served it with a bowl of almonds and a pitcher of water. A meager offering, but hopefully a hospitable gesture nonetheless.


Day 22 lunch

After almost filling up on fudge I ate two beef-stuffed cabbage rolls for lunch. They were a lot of effort to put together, but my husband helped and they taste amazing.


Day 22 dinner

Dinner was a salad with olive oil, fig vinegar, tomatoes, strawberries, sirloin slices, and a bowl of snap peas for snacking. Now we’re snacking on almonds.

I think we’re both ready for this thing to be over. Pizza commercials on tv don’t help.