Whole 30 – Day 23

by ambermae


Day 23 breakfast

This morning I took the time to cook the breakfast recipe I’d picked out over the weekend and it was probably one of the best breakfasts I’ve ever made. I chose this Basque style baked eggs recipe and finished it in the oven. My egg continued to look glossy and underdone while my time to eat was running out, so I turned on the broiler. I really only succeeded on burning my egg, I think, because underneath its glossy exterior it was done just fine.


Day 23 lunch

Two cabbage rolls for a quick lunch. It’s not really enough food for a whole meal, but I didn’t have time to make myself a side dish.

So that resulted in…


Day 23 snack

Apple slices and herbed turkey for a snack. Eating the turkey with my apple really helps cut down on the blood sugary feeling I’d been getting after eating fruit.


Day 23 dinner

I had to eat a quick dinner so I could get to an evening meeting immediately after work, and these garlic rosemary chicken wings from Potables & Edibles were perfect. They were quick to put together, cooked up easily (they smoked up my kitchen, but I just opened the windows), and gave me something else to do with the giant rosemary bush growing in my front yard. I will definitely be making those again!

I think about communities a lot. I am fortunate to belong to a really strong community of people I admire who are all held together by shared ideals. It is the most beautiful thing I have ever been involved with. Unfortunately, paleo eating (and certainly the Whole 30) keeps me from participating in the unique food element of the community. I realize that some people consider the paleo tribe to be their community, and I think that’s great, but it could never be mine. I know that I will never be someone who embraces the paleo diet fully, but I’m happy to have it as a tool when I need to pursue better health. It made me really sad tonight to have to turn down food offered to me in love, and I hope to not have to do that much in the future.