Whole 30 – Day 24

by ambermae

There was a lot of food in my day today.

Breakfast, part 1:

Day 24 breakfast part 1

I had a few spare minutes to eat breakfast at home this morning so I heated up some of yesterday’s Basque style baked eggs.

Breakfast, part 2:

Day 24 breakfast part 2

Later I met up with people at our weekly Panera visit and remembered to take a picture this time. So far this is all I can find to eat there: coffee and an apple.


Day 24 lunch

I ate lunch late today because I took an hour and a half to do some yoga in the early afternoon. When I was done I reheated two cabbage rolls.

Day 24 snack

But that wasn’t really enough food, so I heated up some frozen pineapple chunks and topped them with cinnamon.

Dinner, part 1:

Day 24 dinner, part 1

I planned a quick dinner tonight because I had an evening obligation and my husband and I would be eating separately. I found these Applegate Farms Great Organic Hot Dogs and served them alongside a quick beets & greens salad. The hot dogs were really salty!

Dinner, part 2:

Day 24 dinner part 2

When I returned from my evening thing my husband and I realized we were both hungry and really wanting some time together out of the house, so we headed to Chipotle and each got a salad. Then we had a nice walk around the campus area. It was a beautiful evening out tonight and we were happy to have the chance to get out in it.