Whole 30 – Day 25

by ambermae

After 25 days of eating this way it is starting to feel totally normal. So much so that I find myself close to casually slipping in non-plan food because I don’t feel like I’m on a crazy diet anymore. That is, until I have to talk about it. I figured that out this evening.


Day 25 breakfast

World’s most delicious breakfast.


Day 25 lunch

Penultimate day of cabbage rolls for lunch.


Day 25 snack

Today I discovered a whole extra layer of turkey under the one I thought was the last layer, so I had two slices with my apple. Of course, we’re almost out of apples.


I forgot to take a picture. We had eggs scrambled with leftover sliced sirloin, onions, jalapenos, and salsa, topped with guacamole. It was very filling.


Day 25 dessert

We were invited to a graduation/birthday party tonight and all of the food looked amazing. There were even a few different things I could eat, but I was happily full from dinner and didn’t really partake. My husband, on the other had, drank I don’t even know how many glasses of sangria and ate a slice of cake. I ate a strawberry out of his sangria, one green bean, and a skewer of fruit (shown in the dark photo above). If I weren’t in the middle of the Whole 30 I know I would have eaten multiples of everything, so being around all of that food was kind of surreal. I mostly didn’t even want it except that people kept asking why I wasn’t eating or drinking. Five more days.