Whole 30 – Day 27

by ambermae

It’s day 27! We’re now starting to make strategies for finishing this thing, taking after photos, going on vacation, eating chocolate chip cookies, etc. I’m right in the middle of making a menu that will take us to day 30 and beyond. It’s a challenge!


Day 27 breakfast

We went to a local brunch place for our weekly Saturday morning out. I ordered this pulled pork hash topped with two poached eggs without the potatoes or the hollandaise sauce (then later realized I probably could have eaten the sauce. Oh well). It was delicious and filling. My husband kept the biscuits that came with our meals for eating later this week.


Day 27 lunch

Lunch was leftovers: the end of the best breakfast ever, part of a sweet potato, a couple of broccoli spears. I didn’t eat it until 4pm.


Day 27 dinner

Two grilled hamburgers topped with guacamole and tomato with a side of lettuce. This was a really delicious meal. At the beginning of the Whole 30 my husband swore he wouldn’t eat a hamburger without a bun, and tonight he happily ate two of them. Yay!