Whole 30 – Day 28

by ambermae

Day 28! I have to say that the temptation to round up is strong in our house right now. But we’re going to stay the course.


Day 28 lunch

When we came home from church we boiled up the last 4 hot dogs and fixed a quick salad. Boiling the hot dogs significantly helped the saltiness problem.

The afternoon was really busy. After grocery shopping we ran a few errands, and we quickly realized that if we didn’t eat (and soon) we would probably not make it out of the mall. Our problem may have been trying to go to the mall in the first place, but I digress.

So instead of eating the delicious steak dinner I had planned, we ended up at a not very noteworthy Mexican place for a quick meal.


Day 28 dinner

Imagine our surprise, then when I found this on the menu:

Parillada Mixta – For serious meat lovers!!! Grilled meat platter made with shrimp, chicken, and premium steak alongside grilled mild and spicy sausages, grilled onion and jalapeno pepper.

We asked them to hold the rice, beans, and tortillas and ordered a guacamole salad instead and split everything. It was incredible.


Day 28 snack

I’m in the middle of making our lunches for the week, so I had an apple and the rest of the deli turkey to fortify me til bedtime.