Whole 30 – Day 29

by ambermae

It’s day 29!


Day 29 breakfast

I’m not thrilled with how my breakfast came out, but this is probably the best yolk on a fried egg that I have ever made. Under the kind of ugly egg are two sweet potato latkes, which I probably won’t make again. I have a few more to eat this week.


Day 29 lunch

After my sweet potato breakfast the butternut squash puree hiding under this chili just seemed too sweet. I’m pleased with the chili, though, and with the handful of roasted butternut squash seeds on top for crunch.


Day 29 dinner

After work today I really wanted a nap, but instead I had to cook dinner. That may explain the severe char on one side of my steak and the fact that my house still smells like burning. Despite my inattentiveness it was pretty tasty. My husband made the side of kale and onions and put the salad together. Yay teamwork!