Whole 30 – Day 30!

by ambermae

It’s the last day of the Whole 30! I’m looking forward to weighing myself tomorrow and taking a moment to reflect on the things I’ve learned. But for now…


I didn’t eat breakfast today. Instead I ate lunch a bit early.


Day 30 lunch

Chocolate chili over butternut squash with roasted seeds. Yum.

I had a handful of nuts in the late afternoon to get through til dinner.


Day 30 dinner

Taco chicken salad with guacamole. I love this meal (if my husband shreds the chicken). In fact, I loved it enough to eat it twice.


Day 30 snack

Many thanks to Cheryl for going out of her way to provide snacks I could eat at tonight’s podcast group meeting! I ate loads of grapes and some salami.

What will tomorrow bring? I don’t know for sure. Maybe a bagel. Definitely those frozen chocolate chip cookies. Also some good Whole 30 approved meals because that’s what we have in the house. All I know is I won’t be taking pictures of it anymore. Thanks for sticking with me for 30 days!