Whole 30 #2: Day 5

by ambermae

I’m behind on posts, but I promise I’ve been eating!

Monday morning I was still suffering from the offroading I needed to do for Sunday’s Iron Chef competition, so I skipped breakfast and made a morning grocery run. When I don’t have time to prepare on the weekend I tend to eat poorly during the week. Monday I snacked on a package of turkey deli meat until dinner.


Day 4 dinner

I am really pleased with this dinner. I bought a package of boneless pork ribs on sale (we’re trying to save money this time around) and didn’t really know how to cook them. As a result, they turned out really dry. So I made the curried green beans dish I was planning to make on the side and mixed the pork into it. The dryness helped because the pork shredded itself and soaked up the coconut milk and spices. I then mixed in the end of a bowl of coconut covered pineapple. It was delicious!