Whole 30 #2: Day 7

by ambermae


I didn’t take a picture but I had a cup of coffee at Panera for breakfast this morning. The real triumph on Wednesday is avoiding munching on the goodies that I feed to kids. Actually, that is a triumph anytime.


Day 6 lunch

Hey look, I finally ate some of my basque style baked eggs! I also poached my very first egg ever and it turned out perfectly. This may be my preferred way to cook eggs from now on.


My dinner was so tasty that I ate it before I took its photo (I also ate half of my husband’s portion, so he’ll be eating some leftovers tonight). If I had taken a picture, it would look like this —

Day 30 dinner

It was the old standby of shredded taco chicken with guacamole, except this time the chicken had been cooked on the grill. It has an amazing smokiness. I could eat this every day.

I usually buy my guacamole from Whole Foods. They make it there and I like that it is fresh and has all of the ingredients listed. The only problem is that we often don’t eat the whole tub and some of it goes bad. Today I took a chance and bought some Wholly Guacamole individual packs and they’re awesome!