Whole 30 #2: Day 4

by ambermae




Day 4 breakfast


This was an experiment. I had heard that one could toss a frozen banana in a food processor and end up with something like ice cream. We have an abundance of frozen bananas so I thought I would give this a try. To cut the banana flavor (which I don’t love) I tossed in some good quality cocoa powder. This was delicious and it didn’t result in crazy sugar cravings later like I was afraid it might. Despite all of that this meal wasn’t technically Whole 30 compliant. I guess I could serve it with a side of sausage next time.


Day 4 lunch


For lunch I had my own original fauxlushki. It’s halushki without the noodles. This was my husband’s lunch all week and there was a little bit leftover for me yesterday. It’s just onions and cabbage sauteed with some bacon and butter. Yum. Next time I might add peppers and some greens to bump up the veggies.


Day 4 dinner


Sausage, onions and peppers for dinner while watching Project Runway.