Whole 30 #2: Day 6

by ambermae

My husband and I like to go out for breakfast together on Saturday mornings. This is difficult on the Whole 30 but not impossible. However, when you combine the Whole 30 with budgetary concerns  eating at home looks a lot better.

That is why I went a little crazy with yesterday’s breakfast.


Day 6 breakfast


I made us some egg and coconut flour “pancakes” (they’re really more like cornbread) with a berry compote. I cooked a bag of frozen berries down with some lemon juice, salt, and a tiny bit of balsamic vinegar for depth. The rest of this might go on some pork chops later in the week.


I sort of skipped lunch because I hadn’t been to the grocery store yet. I think I ate a Lara bar.


Day 6 dinner


My husband was working into the evening yesterday so I stopped at Chipotle and picked up a couple of salads for our dinner. They are very generous with their $1.80 extra guacamole.