Whole 30 #2: Day 8

by ambermae

It’s week 2! I can tell that I am losing weight like crazy but I am resolved to not check the scale until this Whole 30 is over.


Day 8 breakfast

Banana and chocolate “pudding”? “ice cream”? Whatever you call it, I dig it.


Day 8 lunch

Mel’s chocolate chili on half a baked sweet potato. You will be seeing this one again this week.

After lunch I had a Lara bar just because I found one in my pantry.


Day 8 dinner

The old standby: salsa chicken with guacamole. All pretense of this being a salad has gone out the window. This is great as it is. You’ll be seeing this one again, too. I followed it up with a perfectly ripe yellow peach.

Today was a good food day. It is times like this that I feel like I could eat this way forever.