Whole 30 #2: Day 12

by ambermae

What can I say about today? It started poorly and kind of fell apart.


None. Mistake #1. I had two major errands in the morning and didn’t take the time to eat even though I had something prepared.


Day 12 lunch


Salsa chicken with guacamole. Still delicious and filling, but any day that starts with no breakfast is mostly doomed.


Before I show you my dinner photo, let me explain what happened last night. Every night this week my husband has been working up at his dad’s house and I have brought dinner to him. Last night, though, I stayed home. As a result, I didn’t make the dinner I had planned for us both and instead ordered out.

Day 12 dinner


The good: it is possible to get a paleo-ish dinner delivered to my house. The bad: It isn’t remotely Whole 30 compliant (especially if you cave and eat the pita).