Whole 30 #2: Day 13

by ambermae

Another day of bad choices, but at least today I actually tried.


I didn’t take a photo, but I brought a dish of warm pineapple chunks with shredded coconut to a breakfast meeting. That was just about the only thing I could eat there, as well as a couple of strawberries and the inside of a slice of spinach quiche (which was kind of cheesy).


No photo here, either. We were invited to the first birthday party of a kid that I watch for a living so we were at the mercy of our hosts for food. I did well and had deli meat with lettuce and tomato for the majority of my meal, but as the party went on I snuck in some cheese, a potato chip, and even some birthday cake and ice cream. It took 6 hours for my body to recover and actually feel hungry again.


Day 13 dinner


Here is my attempt to get back on track (served on my rooster tray) — the end of the salsa chicken with guacamole and a bowl of my pineapple with coconut. I just hope it holds me until lunch tomorrow.