Whole 30 #2: Day 16

by ambermae


Day 16 breakfast


Today I made a quick 2 egg omelet and topped it with some salsa.


Day 16 lunch


I was supposed to cook this catfish for dinner on Friday but we did something else. Meanwhile it was just sitting in the fridge. I knew if I didn’t use it soon I’d lose it. So today I crusted it in coconut flour and Old Bay seasoning and fried it in bacon grease. I served it with sliced cucumbers and some lactofermented ginger carrots.


Day 16 dinner


My husband ate the other piece of catfish for dinner so I was free to eat all the meatballs for dinner. These are just ground beef fried til done and tossed in some of the vegetable gravy I made last week. A simple salad rounds out my plate.