Whole 30 #2: Day 20

by ambermae


Day 20 breakfast


This is my usual banana and cocoa pudding thing but this time I added some coconut cream. That wasn’t the greatest idea since coconut is solid when it is cold, but I think it added some needed moisture to the mix (I used a very old banana). Some of the coconut felt a little crunchy.


Day 20 lunch


A friend of ours was coming over yesterday to help my husband put down a new floor in our bathroom. He was scheduled to arrive right around lunchtime and I had no idea what to make us all for lunch. Fortunately he called on his way and offered to pick up some lunch at a local bbq place. I got a half chicken (that’s a vinegar sauce, not sweet), green beans and boiled potatoes. So yummy.

Dinner part 1:

No photo because we were at my father-in-law’s house. Some friends of the family were visiting and he invited us up to his house for dinner. We don’t try to impose our food restrictions on people who cook for us, so I had a polite amount of spinach and pesto pasta, a big salad, and 3 too many pieces of garlic bread.

Dinner part 2:

Day 20 dinner part 2


That resulted in an emergency Red Robin run. Did you know they stay open until midnight on Fridays? I had a chicken burger with no bun, topped with a fried egg, tomato and guacamole, with lettuce and sweet potato fries on the side.

Sometimes I just love Red Robin.