Whole 30 #2: Day 21

by ambermae


None on Sundays, but let me just sing the praises of the feast of the Transfiguration. It is the day we bless grapes and other fruit, so this morning there was actually something I could eat at coffee hour. Special thanks to whoever it was who brought the giant bowl of figs. Oh, and the pistachios!


Day 21 lunch


Salmon, sauteed summer squash, and slightly burnt leftover Red Robin sweet potato fries.

In the mid-afternoon we went to a combination 2 child birthday party (4 and 2) and pre-baptism reception. I was dumb and ate two chicken wraps and a whole piece of cake. There was suffering later.


Day 21 dinner


My father in law took us out to a Mexican place for dinner tonight so I ordered the same thing I always order there: tiras de pollo.  I guess it just means chicken strips, but this is the smokiest and creamiest chicken dish you’ll find anywhere. It’s paleo but not Whole 30 compliant due to the creamy sauce. I replace the rice and beans with a guacamole salad for extra veggies. So very yum.