Whole 30 #2: Thoughts

by ambermae


Do you see that? That’s me before (back in 2010), after my first Whole 30 in May, and after this Whole 30 yesterday. Awesome!

Calling this attempt a Whole 30 felt like a misnomer because I wasn’t nearly as strict this time as I was back in May. I cheated every weekend. Since ending it this Tuesday, though, I realize that I really do need the restrictions of a Whole 30 to make decent choices for myself at all. During my Whole 30 it felt like a reasonable way to live full time — I thought maybe I’d be able to follow that kind of 5 days on, 2 days off schedule with no problem — but since Tuesday I’ve noticed that my basic inclination is still to eat pretty terribly. I’m going to need to really buckle down in order to move forward.

I lost 15 pounds this time around, which included a few pounds that I had gained since the end of May. This was the Whole 30 that I found my waist. I shrank out of the majority of my clothing and got them out of my house. Now that I know I can use the Whole 30 as my secret weight loss weapon I feel confident that I will never need them again.

It is amazing how great I feel all the time on the Whole 30. I forget that the way I eat normally causes upset tummies, bad sleep, and severe moodiness. I wish that I could motivate myself to eat better just based on those kinds of results.

Posting my food photos here really helps me stay on track. Thank you for reading and helping to hold me accountable!

If I can’t get myself back on a good eating pattern of my own free will I may start another Whole 30 in mid-September. Watch this space.