How did this happen?

by ambermae

Hi! Remember me? I last checked in several months ago all optimistic about the grand life goals I was going to achieve for personal betterment. You know, that thing this blog is supposed to be about.

Well, all of that got derailed when we discovered that we were going to have the chance to buy our dream house. All health goals went out the window in favor of packing, then moving, then unpacking. Suddenly it’s the holidays and I still haven’t unpacked completely, but life goes on. 

I probably don’t need to tell you that the idea of eating paleo went out the window when the stress hammer came down. I’ve only hopped back on that wagon in the last few days (and even so I’m still craving sugar something fierce). Hopefully my clothes will fit me again soon.

Rather than post photos of my meals this time around I’m going to share the non-food project I adopted for Advent: 40 Days to a Less Cluttered Home. I am on Day 5 and I already have one full box of stuff to donate. I knew we had a lot of things, but I didn’t appreciate just how unnecessary many of them were until I packed, moved, and then failed to need to unpack them. We’re living just fine in this house, except with a whole room unusable because of boxes. This changes soon. I could probably do this project again in the spring, that’s how much junk I own.

Yes, I still intend to get my health under control. As some wise people have said, the holidays may not be the best time to do it. I am going to give a pretty loose paleo diet my best effort until Christmas, being kind to myself during social gatherings as I need to. I know any effort will be better than the way I ate during the move.

If I don’t see you again before then, have a happy Thanksgiving and Christmas!